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Mini compact trapdoor.


Compact mini trapdoor for installation of individual household mains connections in pavements, pedestrian zones and similar surfaces.


  • Fitted with expansion mechanisms with included check valves to prevent the return of undesired water to the water mains. For correct operation, the direction of the liquid vein must coincide with the arrow marked in relief on the sides of the manhole.
  • Its dimensions allow the mini trapdoor to be installed in most traditional paving slabs (20 cm x 20 cm).
  • The cover is secured to the manholes by a screw to prevent it from being lost. It is inscribed in relief with "FRESH WATER", together with space for customisation with a polyester plaque. There is also the possibility of customising the inscription in relief. Both options require certain minimum quantities.
  • Cover and manhole made from EN-GJS-400-15 spheroidal graphite cast iron in accordance with UNE-EN 1563:1997 with bituminous protection against corrosion.
  • Safety screw, allen DIN-ISO 898.
  • Support connection, made of CW617N brass in accordance with UNE-EN 12165. Connection thread protected with plastic plugs.
  • Ball valve, made of CW617N brass in accordance with UNE-EN 12165. With 30 cm x 30 cm lattice.
  • Expansion connection made of CW617N brass in accordance with UNE-EN 12165 with non-return valve included.
  • Lattice opening spanner, 30 x 30 (Ref.BH9016).
  • Opening spanner for trapdoor (Ref. BH9015).