Manifolds and valves for meters,
for hot or cold water

SYSTEM parts and how it works

1.- Supply pipe.

2.- Check valve.

3.- Manifold for meters.

4.- Meter valves.

5.- Classification board.

6.- Flexo.

7.- Individual pipes.

1.- Supply pipe: The pipe that connects the water distribution network with the distribution manifold.

2.- Check valve: This valve is placed between the manifold and the supply line and its function is to prevent the backward movement of the water.

3.- Manifold for meters: A closed circuit that serves as a support for the meters.

4.- Meter valves: These valves are mounted in the meter entrance and exit in order to be able to manage the meter without the need to close the water supply of the building. There are several models to cover the entire needs of the water manager: anti-fraud keys, ball, with piston... etc.

5.- Classification board: Classification Board: Table which enumerates the locations of each of the meters of the manifold.

6.- Flexo: A flexible pipe made of EPDM rubber and reinforced with braided stainless steel, it is an easy mounting accessory to join the pipes with the exit valves of the meters.

7.- Individual pipes: The pipes that go up to each of the users. By installing a shut-off valve at the entrance of the user it will be possible to turn off the water supply. These pipes can be made of plastic and metal materials, there are multiple options.

Currently these manifolds are made of two materials, metal, (stainless steel and galvanized steel) and plastic (polypropylene and polyethylene).

Distribution in a building

1.- Housing of the distribution manifold.

2.- supply pipe.

3.- Individual pipes to users.

4.- Water meter and entrance and exit shut-off valves.

5.- Distribution network.